4 Stories Every Business NEEDS Today!

“So, what should I be talking about on my Facebook and Instagram posts?”

This is something I get asked about all the time.

I see many businesses resorting to the hard sales post – gaudy graphics of their latest new product with a big discount code applied in shiny letters; or posting the obligatory cat picture to try and boost the number of folk interacting with their posts; or worse still, not posting for weeks on end. The silence can be deafening.

I hang my hat on the Art of Storytelling.

Storytelling can take a little bit of thought and planning but will offer big results for your business. The fear of the unknown or a lack of ideas creates a wall that many people hit.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Many people I talk with tell me that they don’t have a story to tell. They tell me that their lives are pretty normal. Nothing special has ever happened to them. No one wants to hear about their everyday life….. the list could go on!

Does this sound like you?

I have 4 story ideas that will help you tell your story today.

Your Origin Stories

Where have you come from and how did you get to this point? You have a story to tell before this very second. You are reading my blog post with a vast array of life experience behind you. Draw on these life events to showcase how your business was born.

Your audience member would love to know a little about your past life. The things that make you who you are today. The past events in your life that have brought you to this point in life and business.

Your Low Points

Every single one of us has been through a low moment. We all have times where things have been hard. Your audience members needs to know that you are human, just like they are.

If you don’t share these times with your audience – you stop becoming real to them. Suddenly you are a shiny perfect object up on a pedestal that they cannot relate to.

A phrase I know you will know – People buy from people.

We all want to work with and buy from folk who understand us – who get us. It’s part of our DNA – we crave real connections.

Think about the challenges you have faced or the mistakes that you have had to overcome. Think about the days when getting out of bed seemed like climbing a mountain.

Your Turning Points

This type of story should always go hand in hand with your low points. If you only ever share the low moments then your audience will start to doubt whether you can actually help them!

If the point of sharing your dark moments is to empathise with your audience, then the turning point story is to show them what it looks likes when you started to climb up.

This type of story can often be called your Ah-Ha moments. What made the difference to your life? What caused you to change or take a new direction? Perhaps a person influenced you, or a book really resonated with you?

Your Big Wins

This is the hardest type of story to write. There is something within us that hates to show off or brag about our successes. It is vital that you show people the success you have had, so that they believe that you can offer them success too.

Your audience needs to hear these types of stories. They need to know that you are a winner and can help them win too.

Showcase how you have helped clients, how have you helped others? It’s OK to highlight places you have been featured or reviews your have received. Speak about the qualifications you have achieved and the creations you have given birth to.

Dip into the memory banks – what wins did you have as a child or teenager? What sides of your personality do they show?

Stories should be embraced in all you different forms of communications.

Stories will allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Telling a good story will make your business memorable. Your story will make you money.

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