Thank goodness someone can help me with all my communication needs as I am completely clueless…… Stacey has fantastic ideas that will help your business grow. Stacey you are amazing and I’m so grateful for all your help.  I would highly recommend The Modern Storyteller to any new business or any business needing help to grow.


Stacey really helped me so much when I was really confused about my work and what it is that I offer people. She helps people get clarity on things like this – what they offer, the gifts of their stories and who they help. Honestly I’m so grateful to her as I’d gotten myself so confused and felt lost at what I was actually doing! I just really needed someone to ask me the right questions! Honestly if you need help like this check her out she is something special. Thankyou Stacey


‘We were really floundering with regards to our social media presence, our posts was pretty ad-hoc and reactive and never quite hitting the mark.  After speaking to Stacey, we now feel better equipped to plan our feeds, use better content and our buckets are now overflowing! Thanks for breaking it all down for us Stacey and giving us some tricks and tools to help make life a bit easier.

Ness Publishing logo


When is a pal really a pal?? Well, our ‘pal’ has been hard at work on our behalf making Ness Publishing more than just a name to the world out there. We are thankful for the creative and helpful way in which Stacey has helped us move through the land of technology to be represented visually on Facebook and Instagram to showcase our photographs and photographic books about Scotland. Without her help we would have been stumped!


I LOVED working with Stacey – she really helped me to get clear not just on WHY I need to tell my personal story but HOW I can do it in the most effective way. I feel so much more confident about how and when I can share my own lived experiences in a way that will be most helpful and impactful for other people – so they can recognise themselves in my stories, recognise similar struggles they have, and give them a better chance to see possible solutions. Stacey also shared with me some really useful trade secrets that will help me to further increase my connection with my audience. Thank you Stacey – you ROCK!


After a few comments on my social media posts such as ‘are you a real person?’, I decided it was about time I came out from where I was hiding behind my brand. Stacey was recommended to me, and I jumped at the chance to speak to someone whose own stories had really interested and inspired me. During our first one-to-one session, Stacey showed me clearly and with examples how I could bring ‘me’ to my brand and tell the parts of my story that were relevant and interesting to the clients I wanted to attract. I went away straight after the call and posted a short story on Facebook that showed a glimmer of the real me, and I changed my business page cover to include my photo. I’d definitely recommend Stacey to help get your stories down on paper and learn when and where to put them out there, she really knows what she’s doing!


Thank you Stacey for our brilliant session today. You really inspired me and gave me more clarity around how to show up and tell my story to the world. I loved the helpful tips on how to share both personal and business values in order to communicate better with my clients and build trust longterm. I also feel now that I have more structure and direction when it comes to planning and writing content for my social media. Moving my business online means thinking in new ways around communication and you have really helped and inspired me to do that. Huge thanks xx


Stacey gave me what I needed and so much more. Stacey’s is very knowledgeable and has some great ideas for stories and my business. She’s easy to talk to and makes you feel at ease. I know have the knowledge I need to grow my business.


Running a small business is hard work at the best of times and there is a lot of pressure on communications and social media presence. Authenticity, curation, platform, when to post… The list goes on. I’ve spent hours and hours reading about how to do it, rather than actually doing it! I needed a professional which is why I turned to Stacey. She is extremely professional, was quick to identify my business needs and flexible with her approach. I’m very excited to have her support and input, she’s my Storytelling SuperNanny! “