You need to find the reason why before you can tell your story!

The video below is taken from my Storytelling Roadmap Challenge – it’s the task I get the group to do before we even start thinking about their stories.

Before your story can be written, you need to know your WHY, your PURPOSE.

In the video I pose some question to you – to get you thinking. 

Set aside an hour, maybe even a couple of hours, grab yourself a journal or a notebook, or just a piece of paper. I tend to journal on my iPad, but whatever works for you. 

I really want you to go away and think about these questions (obviously – only once you have finished watching!) 

Think carefully about your answers, talk it through with your partner, with your husband, with your best friend, or maybe your business partner. 

I really want you to think about what is your why? 

When you get this deeply ingrained within you, your marketing and communications become an easier task to tackle. 

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