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  • Do you find it hard to tell your own story and link it to your business?

  • Can’t quite find the words to say?

  • Not sure how to make your story relevant to your offer or service?

  • When you tell your story, do you worry that you are giving too much away?

  • Not sure how to link your story to your clients and customers needs?

Have you got ‘blank page’ syndrome? The P.S. Club will fill the gaps!

Your STORY shows that you are the expert in your field.

Your STORY gives you authority to speak on your subject matter.

Your STORY highlights your strengths.

Your STORY gives your customers the confidence to spend money with you.

Your STORY allows your ideal clients to get to know what you stand for.

Your STORY helps to build trust and rapport with your customers.

Learning how to tell your STORY really does matter.

Learning how to tell your unique and personal STORY and being able to relate it to your business will be a game changer for you.

It is my mission that The P.S. Club will be a supportive space.

I want you to have increased knowledge and skills, so you can tell your businesses story with confidence.

I want to support and empower you to communicate your story more often and more effectively so that you can attract more clients.

The result will be a great STORY that will make you money!

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My clients tell me…

  • I’m sick of staring at a blank page!

  • If only I had the confidence to say what’s in my head!

  • I wish I could be brave enough to put myself out there!

  • I’m scared that folk will judge me!

  • Perhaps I should just pay someone else to do it for me?

Your business needs you to show up and tell it’s story! Don’t pay someone else to take the job off your plate!

The P.S. Club will…

  • Support and empower you.

  • Give you confidence to try and jump in.

  • Help validate your ideas and encourage you to post content.

  • Train you and give you new skills.

  • Save you money as you will no longer require someone to do it for you.

Become a member for only £42pcm
Join today for only £42pcm

What’s inside the club?

  • 2 x group coaching calls with Stacey each month. Ask questions and get real-time feedback on stories.

  • Monthly deep-drive training with Stacey covering key aspects of how to tell your story

  • Private Facebook group for community and accountability.

  • Guest expert sessions each month to broaden your skills, recorded and saved into The P.S. Clubhouse.

  • Weekly story prompts to help get your creative juices flowing.

  • Holidays, awareness days and special day updates so you never miss an opportunity to tell your story.


This price is fixed for as long as you choose to stay in the club. It will NEVER increase for you, even when new members join at an increased price in the future.


  • How much does The P.S. Club cost?

The P.S. Club costs £42 per calendar month. This will NEVER increase for you. The membership will renew automatically on the same day each month.

  • Can I leave at any time?

Yes! You can cancel your subscription at any time. You are not tied into any contract.

  • How does it work?

When you subscribe you will be granted access to a members only section of my website. This section of my website will be home to The P.S. Clubhouse – a storage vault for all the training videos, guest expert sessions and the Q&A sessions. These will be yours to access for as long as you remain a member. Over time this will build up into a great bank of learning!

You will also be granted access to a private Facebook group. This is the safe space for all The P.S. Club members to chat, ask questions, get help, motivation and inspiration. Each week there will be story prompts, fill in the blank story scripts, suggestions for awareness days and so much more. I will be jumping into the Facebook group on a regular basis, so you can ask me anything on a post and I’ll be there to help you out!

  • Where will the training be held?

The monthly training and the guest expert sessions will be held on Zoom. A monthly calendar will be issued and weekly reminders sent to your email. Each session will be recorded and then stored in The P.S. Clubhouse. You can join in live or watch the recording later.

The weekly Q&A sessions will be held live in the Facebook group. They will be saved into the group and also saved as a video in The P.S. Clubhouse. You can watch them anytime.

Don’t waste your money paying someone else to tell your story – Join the P.S. Club and learn new skills whilst increasing your confidence!

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