The Shock of my Life!

The 10 minute ambulance journey that morning in June 2001 felt like an age!

I was in so much pain and there was no comfortable position. Every bump in road felt like pure torture. We were motoring along under blue lights.

I remember asking the paramedic what the rush was for!

The paramedics were having a detailed conversation about roadworks in the London streets. For the life of me, I could not understand why they were shouting options at each other.

Guys and St. Thomas’ would be better.

Hmmm – Don’t think we have time!

Ah right – Lewisham is further away but the traffic is lighter.

Just make a call and put your foot down!

Pulling into the ambulance bay at the hospital was a relief – but it was also the start of a surreal chain of events.

I was helped to climb down from the back of the vehicle and offered a wheelchair. I’m a little ashamed to say that I snapped sharply at the member of staff. The pain was immense and sitting down was nearly impossible.

As I was guided into the A&E department I was met by a young doctor. He was only doing his job, but I was in such a state and know that I was rude to him too.

The hour that changed my life

As the young doctor was speaking to me, there was a sudden flood of liquid pooling round my ankles! Dying of pure embarrassment, I burst into tears.

The next 30 minutes passed in the blink of eye.

Before I knew it, I was on a hospital trolly bed being wheeled into a small lift. There were nurses and doctors at both my head and my feet. I was grasping onto my partner’s hand for dear life. A drip was put in my hand and I had been hooked up to a suite of machines.

I found myself in a private room with fierce lady barking orders at me.

Breathe. Push. Pant.

The penny finally dropped when she she stood at the end of the bed holding a scalpel.

“If you don’t push this baby out now, I WILL cut you”

My daughter was born at 11.52am on Tuesday 19th June 2001

Tiny but perfect with a fully formed pair of lungs on her.

The fierce midwife wrapped my tiny bundle in a pale pink blanket and gently handed her to me.

A pair of dark brown eyes stared up at me.

Totally and utterly dependant upon me.

Shock is a word used far too lightly.




Children were not on my radar. I was a career girl and living my best life in the city of London. My job was high-flying, so I worked hard and played hard too.

The tiny baby lying in a hospital cot next to me meant that I had to change – fast!

By 6pm that Tuesday the maternity ward closed to visitors and I was alone with my daughter. Lying in a borrowed baby grow and softly snoring, she changed my life beyond all measure.

I was in a 4 bed ward but the other beds were empty. I was totally alone with a tiny human to look after. A midwife had showed me earlier in the afternoon how to encourage her to latch on. As I lifted her gingerly, she woke up and just looked at me. Those eyes.

No sleep came that night.

I spent all of it staring at my daughter.

My Daughter!

Oh Wow!

It’s not an understatement to tell you that life was never again to be the same.

The events that day changed me. The events that day made me.

The events of that day in June 2001 changed the course of my life! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing my STORY with you.

Have you been inspired to share a tale from your past? I’d love to read it – please let me know!