What do you have to say? You are the most important part of your business and you have a great story that people want to hear. They want to get to know you better, who you are and what makes you tick. Telling your story in your words, at your pace, is key to speaking about your business.

I will help you show up as you.


Who should you be speaking to? Who is your ideal client? Who is your audience? You need to figure out where your people are and engage with them. You need to seek out your people and craft your message to be speaking directly to them.

I will help you nurture your niche.


Today there are so many different ways to speak your message & they might not all be relevant to your business. Together we will determine the best ways to get your message heard by the most amount of people. Planning your content to support your message keeping your audience in mind at all times.

I will help you speak confident words boldly.


Why should you tell your story? Being visible to many people across different platforms increases your audiences awareness & knowledge of you and what you do. Visibility leads to added value. When you show up as you, being real and honest, your audience can start to get to know you, to like you and to trust you.

Increase trust and you will increase sales.


An expert in your pocket

Ever wanted to be able to just run the ideas past someone who gets it? Or perhaps have the words you’ve written checked before you hit the publish button? Or even to know which platform or where to upload your words for best results?


  • You are ready to put the hard work into your business communciations

  • You want to dramatically improve the enagement on all your communciations

  • You want to turn your social media likes & followers into paying customers

  • You are ready to show up as the authentic leader in your niche


  • You are looking for a quick fix

  • You are looking for someone just to do things for you

  • You are not ready to put in the hard work to change things up

  • You are happy with your current revenue levels

What does the 6 month Signature Coaching Program involve?

A truly personal bespoke program that is flexible to fit around your existing commitments, whilst offering hands on support and holding you accountable when required.

12 hours of 1:1 coaching

Spread through the 6 month program, 12 hours of coaching delivered via Zoom. These hours are yours to be used according to your schedule and can be arranged in sessions of 45/60/90 minutes. Each session will be recorded so you have a record of everything discussed.

Personalised Trello Board

All communications housed in one place so nothing gets lost, missed or forgotten about. Trello is a great tool for setting goals & targets, keeping track of agreed actions and offering a space in which to brainstorm ideas. Allowing links to images, graphics, word documents and much more, this tool will allow you and I to draft ideas, check wording and flow, craft stories together and edit text without the need for emails flying back & forward.

Office Hours WhatsApp Support

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, you have me in your back pocket. Personal message thread so you can get my live, hands on support right at the time you need it. I will endeavour to answer you the same day, but I always take Sunday’s off with my family.

Private Facebook Group

A safe space for all my Signature Coaching clients to gather together to share ideas, ask questions and get additional support. You will have lifetime access to this group for as long as I offer this service to my clients.

Audit of all current communications

Working together, we will assess all your current communication channels and platforms. Looking at both online and offline methods, we will determine where you should be focusing attention to drive the best results for your business. I will optimise your social media platforms so that they work hard for you, not the other way round.

Communications Plan

Throughout the 6 month working together we will plan ahead, looking at content for the weeks & months to come.  We will work together to produce a further 3 months communications plan so that you are prepared for the months after the Signature Coaching Program.

Pricing and payment options

I believe in full transparency, so I am happy to tell you that whilst
my coaching is a considered purchase, I fully expect it to bring you
amazing results.


I offer a 4 month instalment plan to help spread the cost.

This would be £1400 paid up front and 3 monthly instalments of £1200 thereafter. Total cost = £5000



“Stacey is a live saver! Her way with words is incredible and she has helped me create my basic story in almost minutes with the best template I have ever seen. She made the process easy & gave me confidence to create and write great words to engage my customers. She is always ready to help, is super knowledgable and has made my journey in business more pleasant by taking away a big worry for me. I now find creating content for all my social media platforms so much easier. Thanks to that I am getting more customers engaging with my posts. Honestly, I would not hesitate to recommend Stacey to anyone and everyone in business, a story is so important as I have learnt!”

“Stacey is a life saver”
Coaching Client Case Study

Jacky is a very successful Business Strategist and runs her own consultancy business. With over 10 years experience working in large corporate companies, helping them focus their efforts and drive results for their businesses, we started working together as she wanted to further promote the online side of her business.

In our very first conversation, Jacky told me that she didn’t have a story to tell!

She was convinced that nothing was compelling in her business life, she did good work for her clients and they paid her on time for her efforts.

She told me that she uses processes, templates and worksheets to direct her clients into thinking more about her business – all boring stuff, so she claimed!

​Jacky told me that she is from South Africa and didn’t ‘have much’ when growing up. She struggled at school with severe dyslexia and moved to the UK about 12 years ago after falling in love with the UK. Her own business was something she fell into after being made redundant from a corporate job.​

Can you see it?

In the stuff Jacky thought was boring and run of the mill, my mind was immediately finding the ideas she could use to how to craft her life into relatable stories that she could share for her business!A lady with severe dyslexia now teaching businesses how to get better at doing business.

  • A lady who didn’t have much growing up, now running a successful consultancy company
  • A lady who overcame the massive blow of being made redundant to launch her own business.
  • A lady who followed her heart to a strange country but has thrived in the new culture.
  • A lady whose brain works in the ways of logic and puzzles, not words; training business leaders on strategy.

Jacky’s stories are dynamite in reaching her ideal clients. By showing Jacky that she does have these stories to tell, she now has a great toolkit for her business.She can talk to them about their pain points from a place of real knowledge and empathy. She can explain strategy because she has hands on skills of doing it. She becomes more relatable to her client’s because she has overcome tough times.