Get noticed with disruptive content!

Here’s the problem…

You know that in order to make better connections with your people, you need to be sharing your life stories…

However, you are constantly second guessing yourself and telling yourself things like…

“I’m just a normal person and don’t have a story to tell”

“Nobody wants to hear my story”

“I don’t have a clue where to start”

“I don’t want to share my private life with the world”

“I’ve no idea how to link my life to my business”

“I’m not a writer and don’t have the words to say”

Can you imagine?

Imagine telling your everyday life stories with ease so that they make you sales…….without the dread of not knowing where to start or the feeling that you’ve shared too much.

What would happen?

  • You would feel confident in communicating to your ideal client so that they listen to all you have to say

  • You would know what stories to share to make an impact and what stories to keep private

  • You will never get stuck staring at a blank page wondering what to talk about

  • You would have an audience of connected folk so that you can sell your service or product to them with ease


My best engagement ever!

Zoe Carroll, Life and Confidence Coach, shares her thoughts on Mastering Everyday Stories and how participating in the mastermind has impacted her business.

“Having Stacey there to keep me accountable and kick me up the bum, whilst holding my hand at the same time was really awesome!”

Mastering Everyday Stories is a tried and tested series of 8 group coaching calls.

Alongside an intimate group of peers, you will quickly learn to see the world in stories and understand how your everyday life will make connections with your ideal clients.

I will hold your hand at every step along to journey, but your fellow master minders will offer unique insights too. Together you will learn how to tell everyday stories in your business that will deepen the connections you have with your ideal clients and make you more money!

Find your Why

Week 1

Week 1 - Find your Why

The starting point in any story has to be why. Why are you sharing it and why does it matter?

Success & Legacy

Week 2

Week 2 - Success & Legacy

What successes have you achieved and how do you want to be remembered?

Who Needs to Hear?

Week 5

Week 5 - Who Needs to Hear?

The audience is the hero, but getting very clear on who they are is vital to your story success.

The Writing Process

Week 6

Week 6 - The Writing Process

Shaping the what, why and how of your stories in order for them to hit the mark.

Stories are Everywhere!

Week 3

Week 3 - Stories are Everywhere!

A guide on story types and tools to find the stories in your life.

Shape the Stories

Week 4

Week 4 - Shape the Stories

Selecting the stories will deepen the connections with your audience so that you make more sales.

Start & End Well

Week 7

Week 7 - Start & End Well

Hook, intros, headlines, calls to action – your stories need to be framed well.

Planning & Purpose

Week 8

Week 8 - Planning & Purpose

Time to put the learning into action and plan your stories for the months ahead.

16 x 60 minute group coaching calls

Intimate video calls to explore the weekly topic and discuss themes and questions. These calls will also offer live feedback on stories and allow time for questions.

50 page interactive workbook

A fully interactive online PDF workbook to accompany the weekly group coaching calls. Questions and writing exercises that will enhance your storytelling.

Weekly writing tasks and copy feedback

You storytelling will get better when you practice it, so there will be tasks to complete in your own time and bring back to the group for feedback.

A mastermind Voxer group chat

A safe space to chat with Stacey in office hours and your fellow master minders anytime. Support, questions, feedback – this community is yours to shape.

Joyful and life enhancing!

Stacey has awoken in me the story teller dormant for over 40 years, the little girl who used to write pages upon pages about fairies and kittens is back in action. Now I see stories everywhere and have the skills and tools to harness these stories and share them effectively to engage my audience in all areas of my business.

The confidence within our group grew palpably as the weeks past and Stacey created a wonderfully safe and supportive place for us to explore our boundaries whilst gaining the tools and confidence to express ourselves and relate this all back to our work.

On a profound level Stacey has helped me to accept and own my unique voice and recognise that this is a key asset to be used and celebrated. I always used to watch TED talks and wonder how people came up with those stories that kept me listening and stayed with me long after the event. With Stacey’s secret sauce, I am now ready with a cache of vibrant tales.

Tell your story and your people will find you AND want to listen – Stacey is the woman to help you do this.

Margaret Oakley, True Minds Hypnotherapy

Special Bonuses – Just Announced

I know that you struggle with finding stories and linking them to your business.

These bonuses are exactly what you need right here, right now!

Are you ready to master your everyday stories?

This 8 week mastermind will get you results fast so that you can start to increase sales in your business.

I like to play fair, so I am happy for you to split the cost over 3 instalments with no additional charges!

Stacey is a life saver!

Her way with words is incredible and she has helped me create my story for my business. Making the process so easy but also giving me the confidence that I can create and be good at using words to engage my customers.

She is always ready to help, has such a great range of knowledge, and has made my journey in business so much more pleasant by taking away a massive worry for me.

I now find creating content for all my social media platforms so much easier, which means I can stick to my commitment of posting on a regular basis. And thanks to that I am getting more customers to engage with my platforms.

Honestly, I would not hesitate to recommend Stacey and Mastering Everyday Stories to anyone and everyone in business, your story is so important as I have learned!

Jacky Clarke, Business Strategist

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Nice to meet you

I’m Stacey and I can’t wait to hold your hand as we journey through stories together. Join me for an 8 week tour as I guide you through storytelling so that you gain a real understanding of how to use it for your business and make more money!

With over 20 years experience in the corporate communications world and another 5 years serving clients on a 1:1 basis; I really do know where to find a story and how to use it!

Today, stories fill my life! I’m passionate about helping business find their unique voice and start to use it for the best impact in today’s world. I can see a story in just about everything and it’s my goal to teach people how to do the same.

It is my mission to teach leaders like you how to turn your normal everyday life into impactful content for your business so that you can deepen connections, maximize conversions and increase your sales.

Buckle up – the ride starts here!

Stacey xx

You have questions.

I have answers.

  • When does Mastering Everyday Stories start?

We kick off on Monday 11th October 2021

  • When will the group calls be?

We will start each week as we mean to go on – with your stories being the focus! Our group calls will be on Monday afternoons 2pm to 3pm each week and Thursday mornings 11.30am to 12.30pm. You can come along to one or the other or both if you feel you need extra support.

  • Will you write the stories for me?

No. Together with the others in the group we will explore and plan all aspects of your stories. You will write the stories and I will be on hand to help, make suggestions and check your words.

  • I don’t have any stories to tell!

EVERYONE has a story to tell. Mastering Everyday Stories will show you where to find your stories and how to use them.

Still undecided?

Mastering Everyday Stories is perfect for you, if…

  • You want to make deeper connections with your audience so that you can make more sales.

  • You struggle to put your stories into words or even where to start. You are looking for a clear plan so that you can really connect with your potential customers and clients.

  • You think you are just a ‘Plain Jane’ with nothing to talk about. You often look at other people telling stories and dream for the day when you can do the same.

  • You want to get more intentional about your messaging so that you reach the right people every time.

  • You always hear that storytelling is the way forward and want to learn how to do it for your business to make more money.

We kick off on Monday 11th October – Are you ready?

This 8 week mastermind will get you results fast so that you can start to increase sales in your business.

I like to play fair, so I am happy for you to split the cost over 3 instalments with no additional charges!