My life was never going to be the same again!

(Part 1)

Pacing round and round my wrought iron and glass designer coffee table I knew there was something terribly wrong with me.

I’d not been able to sleep a wink all night, a shower hadn’t helped in the slightest. My partner was saying something to try and calm me down, but the pain so was excruciating that I can’t remember his words.

8am, June 19th 2001.

One thing was abundantly obvious, I wasn’t going to work in the City of London that morning!

Rewind 48 hours…..

I had been out with friends in the West End, eating rich food and drinking strong red wine. Sunday afternoons in Spring and early Summer 2001 were the days in which I let my hair down a little and relaxed before diving back into work on a Monday.

I covered a Tokyo trading desk for a big multinational investment banking house. My work hours were 4am to about noon every day. I worked hard. I liked to play hard too.

Making it home to my flat in Docklands around 10pm that Sunday night was far too late. My alarm was set for 2.40am.

The details of how I made it into the office in Canary Wharf that Monday are a little patchy in my memory. One thing I can tell you is I felt terrible! My head was thumping, I felt a little nauseous and my back was aching terribly. Somehow I made it through the shift as was so glad when my boss sent me packing at just before 11.30am.

My hangover was just not shifting at all!

I made it home, took a couple of paracetamol and headed to my bed.

By 7pm when my partner came home, I hadn’t improved. I remember thinking to myself that the food we had eaten the day before must have been off.

Little did I know what the following day had in store for me.

Tuesday 19th June 2001 has been recorded in my minds eye forever.

By 8.15am I was talking to a 999 operator. Explaining my symptoms whilst knowing there was something seriously amiss.

The gent on the phone told me that what I was describing to him was one of 2 things: advanced stages of labour or passing a kidney stone. The pain is similar, so he went onto say.

I laughed! There was no chance on earth that I was in labour. I had not missed a period. It must be a kidney stone I told him.

He ordered an ambulance and waited on the phone with me whilst it arrived. I lived close to 3 big London hospitals, so within about 5 minutes, paramedics were coming through my front door.

Taking a glance over at me, the first gent into my living room asked me for my ‘notes’


I had no clue what he was talking about. All I wanted was for the pain to stop. At this time in my life I had already had major spinal surgery, and the pain was worse! I was in tears and starting to get cross at the lack of solution.

The paramedics bundled me into the ambulance, my partner climbed in next to me, and we set off.

The conversation in the back of the ambulance is a bit of blur. The one thing I do remember is the discussion about them being short of time.

Time for what?

I had no idea what they were referring to.

Have you joined the dots and know what is coming next? Part 2 coming soon…