How to grow in 2020

Goals, goals, goals

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, but something I always try to do is choose a key word or phrase to take into the new year as a kind of mission statement or goal.

Some of the words I have chosen in the past few years were ENDURANCE, FEARLESS, and CONSISTENT.

My word for 2020 was GROWTH

I set myself the goal to grow my tiny side hustle of a business idea into something that could be able to stand on its own. I wanted to achieve this by Christmas 2020 so that I could make big life changes in 2021. I was ambitious and knew that this would be a challenge.

I had the goal in my head that I would be working full time from my amazing office that looks out over the golden sands of Uig Bay, on the far west coast of the Isle of Lewis.

(There is a little competition I like to have with clients and students – “who has the best office view” – I know for a fact that my office is way better than yours!)

Stacey Macdonald Social Media Niche

January and February went well, and I was able to chip away at the long-term goal.

Then we hit mid-March and to be very honest with you, the goal went out the window! The global events of 2020 have been a shock to everyone’s system, not least mine.

Survival mode had to kick in, the handwritten reminder notes to my big goal that were pinned above my desk were ripped up and chucked out! For a few days, panic engulfed me, and I struggled to find any clarity. I was frozen in mid air so to speak, completely at a loss as to what I should do next.

Then it hit me – this was going to be my chance to prove to myself that if I wanted the business working from home, the only person that was going to make it happen was me! No waiting for goose to lay the golden egg, I had to go catch the blooming goose first!

So, March, April, and May have seen me grow more than I think I have over the past 5 years combined! I’ve had to learn stuff that I hadn’t even heard of 12 weeks ago! The learning curve has been so steep that it would put Ben Nevis to shame!

The result is something that will help you achieve GROWTH in the remainder of 2020!

The online Masterclasses that I have created are something that will help you get the confusion in your head straightened out and give you the clarity to make more sales in your business.

Each class is focused on a topic that my clients ask about – these are the key subjects that I’m always quizzed on and they take up big chunks of my mentoring sessions.

The Masterclasses will cover ‘The 4 Stories that every business NEEDS’, ‘The 8 Cs of a Great Story’, ‘How to tell a story in today’s crazy world’ and ‘Attract the perfect client for your business’

Watch out for blogs coming soon to match these topics.

I know that you have a great product or service to offer – right now, and I can help you find the right words to tell people about it so clearly that they must buy!  By teaching you how to craft a story about your business I will help you stand out from the crowd, make deeper connections and increase your sales

1/2 of the year is over.

How much GROWTH can you achieve in the second half of 2020? Let me help you grow.