City Exec adopts 16 heavily pregnant ewes!

My 1st visit to Timsgarry

As I sat waiting in departures for the gate number to be announced for my plane, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was a little bit crazy.

Booking a weekend in March 2015 to the Outer Hebrides had seemed like a great idea. But now it was happening my heart was pounding.

Having met Angus in person for the first time in Glasgow 7 weeks previous, this trip was me returning the effort. I was going to spend a nice weekend off with him on his home turf.

Boarding the plane – one of those little ones that you have to peddle yourself – I settled down for the short 50-minute flight from Glasgow to Stornoway.

Angus was eagerly waiting for me in the airport terminal. When we drove out of the car park the sun was setting on that Friday evening. I knew that home for the weekend was to be Timsgarry in Uig, and that it was a 50-minute drive out of town over to the more remote rural side of the island. When we arrived at the house it was dark – really dark – pitch black dark!

No need for streetlights in a village of only 8 well spread out houses!

Dinner & a movie – it was the perfect cosy night in.

Around midnight, Angus kissed me goodnight on the doorstep and vanished into the night.

(We had what you would call an ‘old fashioned’ relationship. Fully respecting each other, we had decided that getting to know each other was the most important thing. Allowing our relationship to flourish without any pressure was important to me. Angus left me on the doorstep and wandered the 200m metres down the hill to his parent’s house!)

This is the view that greeted me the from the living room window the following morning!

I’d never seen anything as stunning in my life.

The peaceful serenity of the hills blending into the power of the Atlantic Ocean crashing against the golden sands.

Simply Perfect.

(I prayed a little prayer that morning – this man was going to be my husband and this view was going to be my forever view one day!)

That Saturday was a combination of chores and nice to haves.

A nice long walk on the sands.
Whisked away for a nice picnic lunch (in the car) further along the coast a little.
Treated to a nice steak dinner followed by chocolate cake.

The chores, I was soon to find out, involved 16 heavily pregnant sheep!

I’m a city girl at heart – always have been, and even today, I would tell you that I still love the buzz of the bustling city. I’ve been fortunate to have lived in some amazing worldwide cities and worked for multi-national corporates. There is something very comforting about the people, the buildings and the traffic. The pace of life is exhilarating, and I thrive on it.

Being asked to feed 16 hungry, hormonal sheep wasn’t anywhere on my radar – up until that Saturday afternoon in Uig!

Borrowed welly boots, extra layers and gloves – I was ready to help. Bucket of feed in hand, I was tasked with the job of walking, just walking towards the bottom of the field.


These headstrong ladies had other plans! Within 30 seconds I had been bundled off my feet and found myself on my bottom in the mud. The bucket of feed spilled around me and 16 hungry ewes surrounding me, eager to gobble up their share of the loose feed!

When I was able to compose myself long enough to gaze up in search of help – Angus was doubled over in laughter!

I swear that these beasts could sense I was new to the outdoor way of things and this was some form of initiation test. It was very clear that I was being put under the microscope by the croft’s residents. I was being measured up for size!

I think it was safe to say that I failed miserably.

Well I failed at the sheep bit of the weekend……….

11 months after that first visit to Uig (my very 1st trip to the Outer Hebrides), Angus proposed at the top of a hill!

We were married 7 months after that.

The very same 16 ewes are still resident on the croft and are, at the time of writing, mums to 18 energetic lambs.

I’ll state here for the record – I know nothing about, and care even less for the sheep. In the 4 years since we first met, they have gotten the better of me on many occasions. Forcing me into the boggy ditch or headbutting my thighs with such force that I’m left black & blue with bruises. I swear they see me as their entertainment!

The view from the living room window is now my very welcome sanctuary every morning.

The man is my very special 2nd chance.

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